11 astonishing Adam Smith quotes in pictures

Now we have quotes from Scottish philosopher and economist. Famous Adam Smith quotes, to be exact. Adam Smith was born in Scotland, city of Kirkcaldy. The exact birth date of this man is not known. First official record of his existence dates from 5th June, 1723, when his baptism was recorded. Highly educated for that […]

Collection of 36 fantastic Audrey Hepburn quotes

Audrey was not only graceful and charming while on stage, she was also a big humanitarian and made huge amounts of contribution to make a whole world a better place to live and to relieve the world of suffering. A truly inspirational person! And of course the things that world will always remember her by […]

Famous Dan Quayle quotes

Dan Quayle quotes A little bit of quotations from famous politicians. This time we share Dan Quayle quotes, Vice President of the U.S. If you ask me there is not so much interesting things to say about Dan Quayle. Born in Indianapolis, on 4th February, 1947. Graduated from University of Indiana and DePauw University. Smart […]

The very best of Elvis Presley quotes in images

Elvis Presley Quotes It was about time for us to make an article on quotes from some of the most famous musicians. This time we picked THE Rock and Roll king! We have hand-picked and best Elvis Presley Quotes prepared for you. Elvis Presley was born in a not so rich family. His father was […]

Emiliano Zapata quotes

Emiliano Zapata quotes Revolutionary quotes! For all of you rebels and revolutionists out there we are sharing Emiliano Zapata quotes in pictures. Emiliano Zapata was born in Anenecuilco in Mexico, on 8th of August 1879. He was a revolutionary oriented since his early years. He even got arrested in 1897 for taking place in protest […]

Florence Nightingale quotes in pictures to remember

Florence Nightingale quotes A short story about famous Lady with the lamp and our pick of the best Florence Nightingale quotes… Florence was truly a heroic figure. We all know who that is, famous Florence Nightingale. She was a nurse by profession, she was spending many night shifts providing personal health care to those in […]

11 amazing H.P. Lovecraft quotes in images

H.P. Lovecraft quotes Topic of this day is the famous H.P. Lovecraft and his best quotes. If you are a fan of Howard Phillips Lovecraft and his writing you will enjoy this article. Howard Phillips Lovecraft was born in Providence, part of Rhode Island, on 20th August 1890. Mr Lovecraft and his writing career was […]

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Harrison Ford quotes After baseball players and writers it’s time for some quotes by famous actors. This time we are sharing best of Harrison Ford quotes, both the ones said in private and on the big screen. As always relax and enjoy! Harrison Ford became successful a little later than most of the actors. The […]

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Joe Dimaggio quotes After Derek Jater quotes this is another article about famous baseball players quotes… This time we are talking about Joe Dimaggio quotes! Hope you enjoy it. Joseph Joe Dimaggio was one of the best American baseball players ever. He is remembered by his fantastic talent and unbelievable capabilities and performance as a […]

16 inspiring Bear Bryant quotes in images

Bear Bryant picture quotes Paul William Bryant , commonly known as “Bear Bryant” was born on 11th September 1913, in Arkansas. Paul William was son of William Monroe and Dora Ida, he had 11 other brothers and sisters. Interesting fact about this man was that he was amazingly huge at age of 13. He weighted […]