About me

This is much harder than it might seem. What interesting and amazing can I say about myself? Not that much I think. I’m a just normal guy, I don’t really stand out with anything. This is not going so well and I’m just going to skip and talk about the purpose of this blog, why I made it etc…

Well the main purpose behind it is to find and share quotes I find interesting. I found this great tool for making these words-in-pictures images and I got kinda addicted. I love it and it’s amazing. So all of the pictures I use on this blog are made by me. Quotes are my big passion, I could just read through them for days and it wouldn’t bore me. I get excised like a little kid when I find new and interesting quote. Hey that’s something I stand out with.

How did I fall in love with quotes? Well I had some really rough and dark times in my life. I was battling depression and anxiety, it was really hard. I was facing all kinds of problems and it seemed like this hell was never going to end. I was constantly feeling bad and lonely… I don’t really like to talk about it much. It was a dark part of my life and I would like to forget it. Anyhow, one day I was going through some old book and I found one with collection of famous quote by various authors. I immediately fell in love, I sat down and read each and every one of them. For some reason until that day I wasn’t really paying attention to quotes and sayings, I took them for granted. But after that day everything changed. I started writing them down, sorting them, trying to remember them. I wouldn’t lie if I said that I found much needed strength while developing this hobby. And I’m thankful for that. I found inspiration and motivation to get back on my feet and just fight off every single issue I had. And I did it. And so can you… Just try!

Well this was fun. I hope you will like my quotes blog and hopefully get inspired and motivated to do something great with your life. Stay tuned because I will be posting new stuff regularly.

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