Best family quotes

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What I recently discovered is that quotes about family are one of the most popular quotes on the web. People seem to search for this type of quotes much more than for example quotes about success. I don’t know why this trend occurs, but it makes me very happy. What I think this means is that people are more and more starting to show appreciation for their families, and that they understand just how important part of their life is family.

So we can agree on this, family is important. And family should always stick together, no matter what. Don’t let some meaningless fight stay between happiness of your family. Don’t hold grudge. Learn how to love and forgive.
There are not that many things in this world more valuable than a having a truly happy, loving, and caring family around you all the time. That feeling is irreplaceable, trust me! Do your best to make your family happy. Make your goal to live a life surrounded with happy and loving members of your family.

And the list of family quotes, I prepared for you, will help you express just how much you love your family and how much you value them. Enjoy and, as always, share!


Family Quotes

Family ties are always worth more than friendship. Friends will never love you as much as your family does.

Funny quote about family. Play on words and so on. :) There are always a few nuts in a fudge, just like with most families.

The only person who doesn’t believe in ghosts is the one who’s never been to a family reunion.

A simple “sorry” can sometimes mean much more than a “please”.

What “space” are you concerned with? Another funny family quote by famous Evan Esar.


The things that will make you most happy, when looking back at you life, are those happy moments you’ve had with your families.

Our hearts and love is what makes us a part of a family, not the blood.

Memorable quote about family by famous and loved Albert Einstein

Ogden Nash proverb on family and what family consists of.

Sometimes the only warm place, in this world filled with cold and heartless people, is family.

You don’t have an option to choose your family, the only thing you can do is accept them all as a gift from God, which they are.