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happiness quotes and sayings
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Quotes about happiness and joy

Just like love, joy is an emotion that can do us more good than we can actually comprehend. Happiness stimulates creating of endorphins in our brain, which makes us feel much better about ourselves. And this is extremely important if we want to have a higher quality of life.

It’s all very simple actually. When we are happy we feel good, which affects almost every aspect of our life and personality. Joy makes us hop around when we achieve some sort of success, when we see someone we love, etc. But what matters the most is learning how to be happy more often (all the time if possible), and not only in those “special” occasions. Being happy is easy. Secret of happiness is same as the secret of love! The more we share joy with others the more we have for ourselves, and it will last much longer.

The most powerful weapon given to you is your mind… And you have the force to make it work for your benefit. Create your own miracles, be great, be awesome, be happy!

Today I’ll share a list of picture quotes about happiness and sayings about joy. I hope this quotes will help you to be more happy with every following day! Also share them with others. Make everyone happy!

be happy sayings

Memorable great quote about happiness by unknown author.

quotation about happiness

Trying to be happy, trying to force it, will only make you unhappy. Remember that next time you push happiness.

happiness quotes

E.L. Konigsburg wise words about happiness.

happiness quotes and sayings

Did you know that the easiest way to make yourself happy is to try making someone else happy?

happiness quotation

Try to appreciate the life you have today. It could happen that you realize just how great your life was when it’s too late.

quote about joy

If what you desire is to be happy… Than just be happy. It’s easy.

happy sayings

Be happy! In the end nobody cares if you’re happy or sad. You might as well live a happy life.

citation about being happy

Only two kinds of people can laugh without a particular reason. Only crazy and truly happy people! 🙂

sayings about happiness

Don’t ever let yourself forget about happiness. Even if it forgot about you a little.

citation on happiness

When you stop thinking if you are happy all the time, then you are truly happy.

quotes about happiness

Always keep a key to your happiness in your own hands. Don’t let someone else dictate it for you.

quotes and sayings about happiness

Funny quote by Robert Anthony about people rather being certain of their sadness than risk being happy.