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NBQuotes is proud to say that today our website presents one of the biggest collections of picture quotes and sayings on the web!
We have variety of articles and collection of quotation posters on all popular topics. Life, love, motivation, inspiration, joy, happiness, fear, success, feelings, leadership, past, family, moving, and so on… There is something for everyone. This is the best place to be for all the quote-lovers out there! And our database will continue to grow with every day, that much I can promise.

What started out as a small personal blog created by one person with a passion towards collecting and sharing popular sayings and quotations, has now evolved into something much bigger. There was never a plan to have this much articles and posters here, but it happened. I guess when you really love something and if you’re really passionate about it, you can get a little carried away.

So as this website steadily grows in size with each day, a need for better organisation and categorization has emerged.

So I created a new and improved homepage. Rather than just showing recent posts in a blog-like manner, I created a homepage which contains links to every post we published until this day. Of course everything is nicely organised, our articles are divided into different categories with a brief description for each. So now you don’t have to endlessly browse through this website in order to find a topic you’re interested in. Everything is right here! Just scroll down and you will see links to our posts, organised and categorized for a great user experience.

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Just a couple of wise words are often enough to motivate and inspire us, even change our whole view on life sometimes. We can further come down to conclusion that remembering and sharing these sayings from great minds is a pretty big deal.

Picture is worth a 1000 words. 

So quotation posters must be one huge WIN, right? I do believe that’s true. I also think that posters are visually much more pleasant than if we would display them only in the form of text. Am I right?

Note: I will try to make more pictures and to talk less. My personal opinion and comments are not really that important, nor they should be. You should make your own conclusions and you should have the chance to conclude your own opinions, without too much outside influence from me or anyone else. Think with your own mind. :)

Let me say a little something more about what our mission is here… All I want to achieve is to spread the conscience about just how important quotations can be, and how much of difference can they make in our lives. Other than that we want to make happy as many people as possible! Motivate, inspire, make people smile, make people love each other and care about each other more… Just a couple of our goals. Join our mission, try to make people smile more, let us all give our best to make the world a better place.

Quotations are gathered online from a bunch of different places. All pictures with quotes used on this website are created by us. You are free to use them any way you see fit (don’t do anything illegal though), you can download them or use them on your website (a credit or a link-back to our website will be highly appreciated, thank you :) ).
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