Collection of best quotes about fear

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Best quotes on fear

Fear. I don’t to be afraid of anything. That dream could easily turn out to be a nightmare for you. A man couldn’t possibly imagine all the benefits fear has on his life. Fear is the very thing keeping us alive and safe. Just try to imagine the world where humans don’t have the ability to feel fear. They would rush into dangerous situations completely unaware of it. Stepping outside the window into emptiness, crossing the road with lots of rushing cars, swimming far from coast until they’re exhausted. Do you understand how fear can be helpful now? Without it world would become a living hell. Masses of people would die regularly. Men would kill each other because they wouldn’t be afraid of the consequences.

Don’t hate yourself for being scared from time to time. Being afraid is perfectly normal for all human beings. Don’t hate fear. Fear is a holy emotion which warns us of the dangers in our surroundings and makes us want to fight and defend ourselves. To put it in other words, fear gives us the energy we need to fight or run away from danger. Fear keeps us safe.

And there is that “other fear”. The fear that eats us from the inside when we can’t confront our enemies directly. The fear of losing our job. Fear of any sort of aggression. Fear of losing people we love. Fear of betrayal. We need to learn how to express that other kind of fear, one way or another. It can become very dangerous for our well being, it can weaken our defence systems, and leave our psyche crippled. Learning how to deal with it is very important if we want to live a happy life.

So what we learned is that fear keeps us safe, but can sometimes also be the thing that is holding us back and stopping us from moving on and becoming better.

Quotes about fear can help us in numerous ways. With the help of fear quotes we can learn how to embrace fear, how to fight it when necessary, or help us understand the very essence of fear. Because of that all I have put together a collection of best quotations about fear and feeling scared. Read them carefully because there is so much we can learn from quotes about fear. I hope you will find this post helpful and inspirational.