Forgetting past quotes

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Quotes to help you forget and leave your past behind.

Our past and all the things we did in our past is what define us today, and also what maybe defines our future. But, does all this really has to be like that? No, no it doesn’t.

Sometimes our own past is a huge burden we struggle to carry on through life. Maybe you think you did something so bad it can’t ever be fixed? I know this feeling, and I know how hard it is. It’s very hard focusing on doing the right thing today when we think our actions from yesterday are irreversible wrong. I don’t know why we as humans have this tendency of remembering everything bad that happened to us, or everything bad we did. What good does remembering this do for us and people we care about? Nothing good. And sometimes we need to fight to forget our past and leaving it all behind us so we could be more focused and prepared for what awaits us today!

And, again, I have a list of quotes to help you to forget your past and leave everything behind. Prepare yourself for best quotes for forgetting past and quotes for leaving past behind. I hope you’ll enjoy them. Also, you might want to take a look at our new beginning quotes post.

There is not enough money and wealth in the whole world to buy back one man’s past. Sadly…

As long as you think and talk about past you will not be able to take full advantage of present and future. Leave your past behind, live in the moment.

Yesterday is more far away than any imaginable distance on this world. We can’t bring “yesterday” back.

If you take too much time looking back in the past you will find that the future has run out on you.

Letting go on past is the first step towards true happiness.

Do not allow yourself to become a slave of your past. Don’t let your shadow guide you through life.

Don’t allow yesterday to use too much of today’s time.

Funny quote about past from the television show Boston Common.

If you hold the past too tight with both of your hands you will not be able to embrace what life prepared for you in the present.

Quote about living in the present, living in the “right now”. Don’t live in the past, nor solely for the future, live right now.

Watering crops from last year will not do too much good for you.

Only fools and ignorant people store their past in their future.