Leadership quotes and sayings

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Quotes about leadership

Sometimes all it takes is one person to make a huge difference. Throughout the history there were men who single-handedly wrote the courses of history and made the whole world change in some manner. Today we’ll talk about those great persons… Today we’ll talk about leadership quotes and quotes about leaders.

What is a leader? A leader is a person with an ability to organize, command, and guide groups of people. Also there is a great deal of sacrifice a leader needs to be ready for. Some of the greatest leaders paid the price of their leadership with their own life. Pretty high price, right? It is, but sometimes that’s what it takes to be a great leader.

How could be define a good leadership? In my opinion a good leadership is when a person guides followers towards a good goal. I hope you understand. Waging wars for personal gains is a bad leadership, for example. A good leadership is the one which final goals is improving the lives of all the people that fall under it. Take all this with a dose of skepticism, after all this is all just an opinion of one man. Like the famous quote says: “Question everything” :)

Below you will find my selection of best and most inspiring quotes about leadership and quotes about leaders. This quotes will help you to be a more effective leader, or at least to help you understand what great leadership really is. Have fun!

No fear, not giving up because odds are not in your favor… That’s what makes a great leader.

Elaine Agather citation about leadership.

The one and only way to successfully influence others is by giving them a good example.

Position doesn’t make a leader, action does. Only actions can define you as a good leader.

Difference between a boss and a leader. Leader will take action instead of commanding.

True leader will create more great leaders, not more followers.

Leader will lead other by his own example, even if he is not aware of it. This happens naturally.

True leader will always take responsibility. He will never blame men who follow him for some failure.

Difference between leadership and just assaulting people. Aggressors are not leaders.

Another quote stating that position never makes a leader.

There is not a way to lead someone else further than where you went yourself.

Great leaders will prove their ability to lead others with the way he leads himself.