Motivational quotes for depression

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I felt the need to write another article on inspirational quotes for depression and ways to fight depression in general. I felt like the first article about quotes for depression wasn’t really personal enough, so I decided to talk a little more about how I felt during rough times I was facing. Here we go.

First and foremost I want you to know that everything I write came out from my own personal experience. Well at least 90% of it came out from my experience. Now as far as goals of this article go, there is actually just one worth mentioning, and that is helping as much people as possible to fight off this awful disease. Well to fight it off at least to a point where it doesn’t affect your life negatively too much.
I am doing this because I am sure that only the people who went trough this hell can really understand you and your issues and help you out. I sure did.

Only the people who went or are going through some of this psychological disorders can really understand you, I am saying this for a reason. I am pretty sure that there were maybe 2 or 3 people who understood what I was going through, everyone else was either judging me, running from me, or were totally uninterested about all that. I was surrounded by people who just didn’t understand me. People were making comments like: “Hey man, you know, everyone goes through a tough time. It’s not just you. Why are you making such a big deal out of it? “, “From time to time I can’t sleep either, it happens to all of us.”, “What the hell is wrong with you? You need to stop being a baby about this!”… You see my point? I am sure something similar happened to you. How could you possibly explain to them that their one-night lack of sleep is not even close to your one-year, or even more, lack of healthy sleep. How could you explain that there is a big difference between feeling down for a day or a week and not being capable of remembering when is the last time you were truly happy. There is an expression for this type of behavior, from where I come from: “A man with a full stomach doesn’t trust a hungry man.” It fits perfectly.
What problems exactly was I facing?

Well that list is pretty long, but here are some things that just came of top of my head:
-From feeling down more than usual, through clinical depression, anxiety, abnormal amounts of fear, heavy sleeping disorder, aggression, self-aggression, and all the way to a point where I felt like suicide is the one and only answer. And I really and truly felt like that. That was really dark time in my life, and I’m so glad it’s finally over.

What made me change? What gave me the strength and motivation to fight?

-We are all different and some of you might not feel the same. What really made me think about everything was the time when I realised that I am in this mess because of me. It was purely my own fault. I stopped blaming other people for my situation and took the responsibility over my actions. When I realized that I wasn’t strong enough that’s when I knew there are some personal improvements to be done as soon as possible. And that is how the war inside my head began.

How exactly did I fight?

-I started working out, I started reading a lot, I was writing down things I did to help myself feeling better, I was also writing down when I failed at something. I started avoiding fights as much as it was possible at that time. And things slowly started getting better.
Let me tell you little more about depression. What makes this condition so hard? Lack of motivation, lack of self esteem, lack of will.
And that is what makes depression very hard to defeat. It’s hard to fight something when you have to will to fight, when you feel weak and unmotivated. That is when most people (including myself) turn to pills. And pills can’t help you in the long run. They will just dumb your senses and make you dizzy all the time. And once you stop taking pills you are right back where you started, and often it makes you feel even worse when you stop taking them. That is a road you don’t want to take.

Dealing with depression with the help of motivational quotes

What can I do to defeat depression?

You need to understand that this is your only life, there are no second chances. Your mindset is the most important thing here, and you are not really given a choice… You must fight! There is a war going on in your head, and you must stand up and fight. You will find yourself in a fight of your life. It will be long, tough, exhausting and painful but there is a couple of things I can promise you… You will survive, you will be stronger, you will be ready to fight anything and anyone, you will be ready to change your life.
And now it’s time for me to talk some more about inspirational quotes for depression and motivational quotes in general. I found them to be extremely helpful when dealing with depression. They can give you much needed strength, motivation, and inspiration to fight and win.

So here are some of my personal favorite motivational quotes and inspirational quotes for depression. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Also share them with your friends if you like them.