21 Powerful Derek Jeter quotes

Are you into baseball? Do you like Derek Jater? And how about Derek Jeter quotes? Well if you do, you sure came to the right place! Today I’ll be sharing 21¬†amazing and powerful Derek Jeter quotes. Derek is a famous baseball player (retired in 2014 – officially ending 19 years old baseball career) best known […]

21 Unforgettable Paul Walker quotes

I am a big fan of Fast and the Furious movies, so I decided to write an article on best Paul Walker quotes. I would like to show some respect and love for this great actor and man by doing this. I hope you guys will like it. It’s been some time now and I’m […]

21 famous Ernest Hemingway quotes

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) was an American writer and publicist. One of the most original and interesting writers, if you ask me. He inherited a hunger for adventure and hot temperament from his father. He made some serious life decisions in his early age, he didn’t want to waste time on education and decided to quit […]

21 most famous Andy Warhol quotes

Born on August 6, 1928, Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola) was one of the most prominent leaders of the 60s pop culture and movement of the pop art. He become a world wide known celebrity in a fantastically short period of time. Known for his art career which was spread into many different art forms, some […]

20 best Helen Keller quotes

Helen was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Sadly, she lost her vision and the ability to hear. That happened due to, what people believe was, a scarlet fever. In spite the fact she couldn’t hear or see, she learned to write and communicate with people around her. Later on Helen become a major influence on the […]

31 Mae West quotes in pictures

Mae West is one of the rare people who became icons by just being themselves. She was a sex symbol, a pop icon, movie star, and much much more… She often talked about sex, and her short sayings were endlessly quoted and repeated. Mae was born in August 17, year 1893, in Brooklyn. She started […]

Quotes on loving yourself more

Love yourself… Love yourself more and more with every next day. Keep dark thoughts, bad mood, and worries far away from yourself. Loving yourself will help you a lot with that. This state of mind is a great motivator towards a better and happier life. Loving yourself is not selfish. Do not mistake being pleased […]

91 best success quotes ever

Success Quotes. I decided to write one more article about success quotes. Also this one is going to be huge! Get ready for the most epic list of quotes and sayings about success. First thing we need to do is determine what success is. So, what is it? This is kinda hard. We define it […]

Quotes about feelings we have

Quotes to help you understand and express your feelings Did you that there is a difference between emotions and feelings? Interesting, huh? Let me break it down for you… Emotions are something we are given at birth. Emotions are always present and there is nothing we can do about that. And then we have feelings. […]

Leadership quotes and sayings

Quotes about leadership Sometimes all it takes is one person to make a huge difference. Throughout the history there were men who single-handedly wrote the courses of history and made the whole world change in some manner. Today we’ll talk about those great persons… Today we’ll talk about leadership quotes and quotes about leaders. What […]