Best happiness quotes

Quotes about happiness and joy Just like love, joy is an emotion that can do us more good than we can actually comprehend. Happiness stimulates creating of endorphins in our brain, which makes us feel much better about ourselves. And this is extremely important if we want to have a higher quality of life. It’s […]

Best collection of quotes about writing

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I took this writing about quotes and creating quote posters job quite seriously. As I mentioned multiple times, quotes are my big passion and hobby. And I would very much like to share them with all the world. I would like to inspire others to be the best […]

Forgetting past quotes

Quotes to help you forget and leave your past behind. Our past and all the things we did in our past is what define us today, and also what maybe defines our future. But, does all this really has to be like that? No, no it doesn’t. Sometimes our own past is a huge burden […]

Amazing quotes about life

I already wrote an article about life quotes, but there are so many great quotes about life that they most definitely deserve at least one more article (if not much more). What is life? Following rules and guides somebody else designed for us? Not if you ask me! I do not want to be the […]

Best family quotes

What I recently discovered is that quotes about family are one of the most popular quotes on the web. People seem to search for this type of quotes much more than for example quotes about success. I don’t know why this trend occurs, but it makes me very happy. What I think this means is […]

Famous life quotes and sayings

Well there is finally the right time for me to write an article on life quotes/quotes about life. This group is maybe the most popular group of quotations in the world. And it’s huge also. You can find all kinds of citations if you search for quotes about life. You would find quotes with an […]

Wonderful positive quotes for a happier life

In this post I am going to talk about positivity and general optimistic attitude towards life. Also, as with every other subject I talk about, I created positive and optimistic picture quotes for you, to make you feel more positive and be more optimistic. A thousands years ago one great philosopher said: “Get to know […]

The very best of moving on quotes

After our first article on new beginning quotes I took my time and composed for you another article on very similar subject. This time we are talking about quotes for moving on in life. Sometimes in order for us to truly change and grow our personality we need to just move on. It is sad […]

Collection of best quotes about fear

Best quotes onĀ fear Fear. I don’t to be afraid of anything. That dream could easily turn out to be a nightmare for you. A man couldn’t possibly imagine all the benefits fear has on his life. Fear is the very thing keeping us alive and safe. Just try to imagine the world where humans don’t […]

Best uplifting quotes that will instantly make you feel great!

Do you feel sad often? Do you feel “down” all the time and just can’t get into that cheerful mood? Would you like to feel great and be positive all the time? I know you do, and I can help you with that. I’m going to share with you a little trick that I practice […]