Best inspirational quotes and sayings

Best inspirational quotes are often being said by incredibly wise and smart people. Action of putting these words together is being triggered by some life experience or an idea that left a major impact on them, their life, and thoughts. Inspirational quotations and sayings that came from this great people have the strength to get […]

Top 12 most beautiful quotes about emotions

Today I decided to share with you the way I think and feel about emotions, and also my thoughts on dealing with emotions. Also I prepared for you the best quotes about emotions. Quotes about love and happiness, quotes about sadness, quotes about dealing with emotions. I hope you’ll like them and share them with […]

Motivational quotes for depression

I felt the need to write another article on inspirational quotes for depression and ways to fight depression in general. I felt like the first article about quotes for depression wasn’t really personal enough, so I decided to talk a little more about how I felt during rough times I was facing. Here we go. […]

Quotes about success – Motivational success quotes

What success really is? What would make a man or woman successful? Well to be honest there is no right answer to this question. Success would be defined very differently if you would ask 100 people to define it. Everyone has it’s own definition of success. For some success is a happy family, for others […]

Quotes for tough times

A collection of quotes that will help you get through tough times in your life.   We all get caught up in that never-ending cycle of problem and just bad situations in some period of our life. It happens to everybody. From millionaires to poor people, not a single person is immune to this. It […]

Inspirational quotes about depression

There was this research that was conducted by the World Health Organisation, and what they found was that there are about 121 million people suffering from depression all over the world. I mean this is not exact science, so we are only talking about estimations here. But non the less, that is a serious amount […]

New beginning quotes

It comes a time in everyone’s life when they like it’s time for a change, time for a fresh start… Time for a new beginning. Most of the people fail to follow this feeling and impulse through and make a change in their life. Do you know why this happens? Because they are scared. Scared […]