21 Powerful Derek Jeter quotes

Derek Jater quotes
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Are you into baseball? Do you like Derek Jater? And how about Derek Jeter quotes? Well if you do, you sure came to the right place! Today I’ll be sharing 21ย amazing and powerful Derek Jeter quotes. ๐Ÿ™‚

Derek is a famous baseball player (retired in 2014 – officially ending 19 years old baseball career) best known for his amazing sport career he earned playing for the New York Yankees. And that was one amazing career he had. The list of accomplishments he had is so big that I’m just not going to even start listing it, it would take too much time for sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

And the nature of our website is to spend most of the time listing famous quotations, and I know that’s why you love us so much. Am I right?So, here we go. Best Derek Jater quotations about success, life, motivation, love, and much more! Have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

another quotation about baseball strategy from Derek Jeter

Defense usually doesn’t make many headlines, but it goes a long way towards winning baseball games. There are a number of ways to make an impact during the course of a game, and playing solid, sound defense is one of them.

citation about making excuses is not a good thing

When I was younger, I was always taught not to make excuses.

citation about the best job in the world and the Yankees

I have the greatest job in the world. Only one person can have it. You have shortstops on other teams-I’m not knocking other teams-but there’s only one shortstop on the Yankees.

Darek Jater quote about hard work and dedication

The last thing you want to do is finish playing or doing anything and wish you would have worked harder.

Derek Jater quote about his loving family

What kind of influence did my parents have on my life? Well, they had the most influence. These are the people who are closest to me. My parents are very positive people. They’ve been supportive. They’re always there.

Derek Jater quote about his loving family

God, I hope I wear this jersey forever.

Derek on proving people wrong when they doubt him

I love it when people doubt me. It makes me work harder to prove them wrong.

it is a good thing to learn to cope with criticism

You can’t be sensitive, because you’re going to get criticized. I don’t care who you are, you’re going to get criticized

Jarek on talent and hard work

There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do – and I believe that.

nothing good happens without hard work and dedication

You don’t just accidentally show up in the World Series.

on learning from your mistakes

I’m not perfect; no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. I think you try to learn from those mistakes.

on owning a team and goals

I want to own a team one day. You know, that’s my next goal.

on people remembering you as a good person in the first place

Obviously, you’re known for what you do. But you still want to be known as a good person. You’re a person a lot longer before and after you’re a professional athlete.

quotation about winning and losing

If you’re going to play at all, you’re out to win. Baseball, board games, playing Jeopardy, I hate to lose.

quotation from Derek Jater on things never being over until the very end

It’s never over. You don’t want to be in the position to be down four runs in the ninth inning, but it’s not over until the last out.

about All-Star team and feeling

It doesn’t feel different being here (at the All-Star Game) I feel like I’m on an All-Star team everyday.

about expectation from fans and winning

Our fans don’t want to see us win the Wild Card. They want to see us win the division.

about kids being more importnant than adults

I try to sign for as many kids as possible. Kids come first, and I’ll always sign for a kid before an adult.

about working out early in the morning

I like to hit the gym early in the morning. I feel better throughout the day when I get in a workout first thing in the morning.

about Yankee stadium and dreams coming true

My office is at Yankee stadium. Yes, dreams do come true.

about Yankees and their heroes

The Yankees have twenty-five heroes.