Quotes about feelings we have

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Quotes to help you understand and express your feelings

Did you that there is a difference between emotions and feelings? Interesting, huh? Let me break it down for you…

Emotions are something we are given at birth. Emotions are always present and there is nothing we can do about that. And then we have feelings. A feeling is something we learn in life. Feeling is a crystallization of our emotions. Another difference is that feelings can be negative and contra-productive while emotions are always positive.

I picked and compiled quotes about feelings, and also divided them in something like categories. Here we go! :)

Quotes about jealousy

-Jealousy is a mixture of anger (Do not cross over my territory!) and fear (I will lose a person I love)

Love is never blind, jealousy is blind. Lawrence Durrel on love and being jealous.

Quote about being jealous by George Bernard Shaw.

Don’t waste your precious time being envious. Envy is nothing but a huge waste of ones time. Focus on some more important things in life, don’t allow yourself to waste your precious time on something silly.

Jealous people love only themselves. There is more self-love in than love in jealousy. Francois on self-love and jealousy.

Envious people die much more times than once. Baltasar Gracian on being envious.

Quotes about shyness

-Shyness is a specific mix of fear (I am different than others) and anger caused due to us being powerless in that given time.

April Genevieve Tucholke on shy and silent people.

Sometimes feelings can be to shy for world, and yet too loud for words. Citation from Dejan Stankovic.

Penelope Keith compared shyness with egoism in this famous quotation.

Saying on shyness by Constance Chuks Friday.

Edward Ferrars quotation about shyness.

Quotes about nostalgia

-Nostalgia is a feeling that occurs when we remember some part of our past, and it makes will both sad (It’s all over now) and filled with some sort of pleasure (It was a good time back then)

Nostalgia citation by Owens Lee Pomeroy. Finding present tense, but past perfect.

If we didn’t have childhood on this earth we could never love it so much. George Eliot on childhood and past.

Nostalgia becomes a heavy burden once we get older. Ted Koppel on being more nostalgic with years.

We tend to make our past better than it really was. Our mind is strange sometimes. Will Rogers great citation.

Great quote about past from an unknown author.

Quotes about guilty conscience

-Guilty conscience is a feeling of anger aimed at ourselves (feeling bad because of something we did)

Our guilt is always there just to remind us to do better next time around.

Guilt makes you hate yourself, not the mistakes you’ve made.

Funny quote about guilt by Christina Westover.

Give your best to never feel guilty about anything. Don’t waste your time feeling guilty.

Quote about us seeing our sins everywhere around us.