Quotes about success – Motivational success quotes

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What success really is? What would make a man or woman successful? Well to be honest there is no right answer to this question. Success would be defined very differently if you would ask 100 people to define it. Everyone has it’s own definition of success. For some success is a happy family, for others success would be a profitable business, or maybe defeating a hard disease would be a success for some. You get the picture, it’s different for everyone.

To make it a little more general I would say this: Success is some sort of improvement in some part of ones life. Am I right? Success is getting better at something we find important or at some area of life that is important to us. In three words: success is improvement.

How can we become successful? In my opinion everything starts with your mind. Every single thing that happens in your life is directly connected to state of mind that you are in. Maintaining a positive mindset is the most important thing you can do to help yourself in the long run. To sum it all up: Your attitude towards life and possible problems you might face is the beginning of everything. If you want to be successful you have to achieve that special mindset, that positive, hopeful, and above all optimistic attitude. And after achieving it you have to maintain it, get your grip hard around it and never let go.

What is the secret to success?

-If you heard that there is no secret to success you have been lied to. There is a secret to becoming successful. To know this secret first you have to notice the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Do you know what this difference is? It is all about that extra mile. Successful people will do unpleasant things that people that are not successful will run away from. You have to be ready to sacrifice yourself in order to achieve that accomplishment you’re after. Do whatever it takes to get there. Make your peace with the fact that this road is going to be full of pain and sacrifice. Once you’ve got that attitude you are half way to become successful.


How can I achieve positive life attitude? How can I become more optimistic? How can I become successful?

-Just like most of the things in this world, getting this attitude requires a little push. Just a little bit of push in the right direction can make your life and your whole mindset change dramatically. And that is where inspirational life quotes and quotes about success come in play.

I firmly believe that these motivational quotes can make a huge difference in your life, and possibly become your secret weapon for your pursue of success. Read through this whole list of motivational quotes every day, several times a day, if that is what it takes. Remember them, write them down, print them, hold them close to you. Get motivated and inspired to keep pushing forward and make all of your dreams come true.

So here we go… This is my personal collection of best motivational quotes for success, I gathered this quotes for several years and they helped me during some rough times. I hope you will enjoy them. Also remember to share them with someone who you think might need them.






UPDATE: Hey there! I wrote another (more extensive) article on success quotes . Hope you’ll like it. It has a bunch of pictures also (91) to be exact. :)