Quotes on loving yourself more

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Love yourself… Love yourself more and more with every next day. Keep dark thoughts, bad mood, and worries far away from yourself. Loving yourself will help you a lot with that. This state of mind is a great motivator towards a better and happier life.

Loving yourself is not selfish. Do not mistake being pleased with yourself with egocentrism. The first one simply states: “I love myself just the way I am”, while other one has a different attitude: “I love myself because I’m much better than others. Other are inferior comparing to me.” Do you notice a huge difference here?

So, loving yourself, taking care of your health, happiness, and life in general, is one of the biggest favours we can do for our close ones and ourselves. To take this one step further… How are we ever going to be capable of loving someone else if we can’t even love ourselves?

I hand-picked a couple of quotes and sayings about loving yourself and quotes about love in general. These quotes will help you to learn how to love and appreciate yourself more than before. Enjoy!

Quotes about loving yourself

Quote by: Eleanor Roosevelt.

Always know how powerful you are. Quotation by famous Yogi Bhajan.

Daphne Rose Kingma quote on loving yourself.

You need to be capable of loving yourself in order to love others.

Try to discover your very own personal and special light. This is a gift we all received at birth. Sadly not all of us realize this fact.

Nothing is more important than what we actually are. What lies within us is the most important thing in our lives. Not the past, nor future…

It’s hard to be what you are in this world, where all of the people are trying to force you into being someone else.

Carl Gustav Jung quote on being yourself and loving yourself.

Another amazing quote from Carl Gustav Jung.