Top 12 most beautiful quotes about emotions

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Today I decided to share with you the way I think and feel about emotions, and also my thoughts on dealing with emotions. Also I prepared for you the best quotes about emotions. Quotes about love and happiness, quotes about sadness, quotes about dealing with emotions. I hope you’ll like them and share them with the rest of the world. Let’s do this!

We all sometimes have both nice and not so nice emotions. When we are happy we tend to share that feeling with our close friends and family. And when we are sad, depressed, scared, or angry, we most often keep that feelings to ourselves and we don’t even try to share those feelings and emotions with anyone. We desperately need an opinion, advice, and guidance from someone but we rarely tend to ask for those things. We don’t seek for needed attention and help, we rather close our hearts and minds to others. Most often we are too scared to ask for help, we don’t have enough courage to open up and trust someone with all the things that are bothering us.

But let’s take a moment and think about kids and the ways they deal with emotions. As we know little children are honest, they often don’t know how to lie, their emotions and thoughts are pure. As they grow older they learn how to fake things, how to pretend, they learn what they can say, and how to say it. But when they are little they don’t know all these things. And how do they handle their emotions then? Kids have emotions that are simple and they express it very spontaneously. They often have these strong and impulsive outbursts of emotions. When they are angry they scream out loud, when they are sad they cry, when happy they laugh, and they show love to people they love. And that is something we should look up to, something we should all learn.

I understand that sometimes rather than yelling at someone, you would prefer just to be silent and say nothing. After all you don’t want that someone to be offended and mad at you, right? Sometimes you don’t want to make a fool of yourself by telling someone you are fond of them, at least not directly. Am I right? And I could go on and on about these things. Fact is that we suppress our emotions very often. And that is not so good for us. Suppressing your emotions for a long time can lead to serious emotional disorders. Try your best not to avoid that.

Our emotions are there for a reason. To make a long story short, my point is: We should express our emotions without taking to much time to think about it. Do it the way you naturally feel you should. Follow your impulses, they are there for a reason too.

So I gathered a couple of quotations about emotions. I hope reading this quotes will help you understand a human nature and nature of emotions a little better. And hopefully quotes on emotions will help you to be more happy and comfortable with your feelings and expressing them the right way. Enjoy! :)

A true quote about feelings almost always being more deep truth than ones opinion. Opinions are, on the other hand, often more superficial.

That wall we often build around ourselves is the very thing that holds true happiness away from us. Don’t build walls to protect yourself, those walls will do more harm than good.

  In order for all the pain and suffering to disappear you must let yourself go. Let go on anything that is holding you back. Sometimes letting the destiny do it’s thing is the only way.

A great quote on emotion by Vincent Van Gogh. We should never forget that those little emotions we have are amazing captions of our lives. We sometimes obey them without even realizing it. How amazing is that?

 Often having too many emotions can be the exact same as having no emotions at all. Take a moment to think about this great thought said by Du Mu.

Quote on emotions by Rainer Maria Rilke

Have you ever thought about sadness like this? Once you take your time and really think about it, this turns out very true. Sadness is often nothing but weakness.

Emotions are never wrong! Our feelings are never a mistake. Our memory can be, and often is, a mistake. We remember things the way we want to remember them. That being said, our memories are often misleading and far away from truth.

 One more quote with a great point being made. Letting everybody know what we feel can be so good for us. Giving vent to our feelings from time to time is a necessity. Remember that.

Making mistakes and bad decisions is for sure much better than keeping our emotions under lock. There is a point to be made here: “Never keep away from your feelings!”. You miss every chance you don’t take.

Don’t let your feelings and emotions turn back on itself. Always try to take action on your feelings and express them. Inspirational quote about emotions by John Sterling.

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