Wonderful positive quotes for a happier life

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In this post I am going to talk about positivity and general optimistic attitude towards life. Also, as with every other subject I talk about, I created positive and optimistic picture quotes for you, to make you feel more positive and be more optimistic.

A thousands years ago one great philosopher said:

“Get to know yourself”


Most of the people interoperated that as: “Get to know your negative side”. This kind of thinking makes us compiling a huge lists of our mistakes, failures, bad judgements, etc. It is good to know your weaknesses and our bad sides. This will show us what areas of our personality we need to improve. On the other hand if we only know our bad traits, we will be interiorly messed up and disoriented. Then we will value ourself very little. And that is a pretty bad thing. If we don’t value ourselves and our personality, who will? Let me tell you, absolutely no one! Not a single human will value you if you don’t value yourself in the first place. Don’t ever underestimate yourself.

Please try this. Try to make a list of your best virtues or features, if you will.
Common examples most people will mention are: education, experience, knowledge, good looks, good family life, good love life, ones firm attitudes, personality, etc.
If you were honest to yourself when creating this list, you can conclude one thing: You value is much higher than you might think at the moment. So there are no reasons for you to feel bad and pessimistic, trust me. Try your best to pay more attention to your good than bad sides. That alone will make you feel much better about yourself. You will be more optimistic and more self-confident than before. Try it, it’s that easy.

Successful and optimistic people are capable of visualising positive images about certain situations, and also they can help other people do that same thing. In order to be able to think positive and optimistic, we need to use positive words and expressions which will than help us visualising those positive images I mentioned before. Talk big, think big, do big, BE GREAT. Words are powerful. That’s why I love quotes (positive quotes especially!), they are like this small sparks that can motivate and inspire us, even when we feel like that’s impossible. They can also make us be more positive and optimistic.

And now we come to the collection of picture quotes. Below you have 12 best uplifting quotes and positive quotes that will instantly make you feel great and more optimistic. Enjoy and share with others! :)